A Mode-Matching Solution for Scattering from a Large Isosceles Right Triangle Groove in PEC Plane

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M. Bozorgi


In this literature, scattering from a large Isosceles Right Triangle Groove (IRTG) in a perfect electric plane (PEC) is studied. An efficient Mode-Matching manner involving physical optics approximation is applied to a large IRTG. Considering two synthetic PEC walls over the groove, the tangential fields inside and outside of the groove are expanded as the sums of infinite harmonics modes. By applying the boundary conditions, the modes are matched on IRTG and a linear system of equations based on series coefficients is constructed. Since matrix elements are computed analytically, finding the inverse an N×N matrix is the most time-consuming operation in this manner. The obtained results are verified by two full numerical techniques MoM and FEM.


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Bozorgi, M. (2019). A Mode-Matching Solution for Scattering from a Large Isosceles Right Triangle Groove in PEC Plane. Advanced Electromagnetics, 8(5), 37-43. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v8i5.1256
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