Enhanced Accuracy of Breast Cancer Detection Based on UWB Compact Slotted Monopole Antennas

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I. Amdaouch
O. Aghzout
A. Naghar
A. V. Alejos
F. Falcone


This work presents a new breast tumor detection system based on an omnidirectional microstrip ultra wideband antenna. The localization coordinates of the tumor are studied in detail for better tumor detection. The coordinates of the corresponding maximum value of SAR are identified in order to accurately detect different locations of tumor inside the breast. The results show that relying on these coordinates; the tumor can be detected with high accuracy. The possibility of mutual interferences with other systems operating at the FCC frequency band is considered as a major issue in UWB systems. Therefore, rejected out-band interference signals is introduced by etching single and double U-shaped slots on the radiating element, then a first and second frequency band are successfully produced respectively. The proposed antenna is a compact antenna that can be used on microwave imaging detection. The antenna gain was larger than 2 dbi with an omnidirectional radiation pattern over the whole frequency-band. A relatively flat group delay of the antenna response is also achieved. Antenna prototype has been manufactured and measured, results prove the performance of the proposed antenna.


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Amdaouch, I., Aghzout, O., Naghar, A., Alejos, A., & Falcone, F. (2019). Enhanced Accuracy of Breast Cancer Detection Based on UWB Compact Slotted Monopole Antennas. Advanced Electromagnetics, 8(5), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v8i5.673
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