Design of Microstrip Tchebyscheff Phased Array Antennas for Inter-Vehicular Communication

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J. S. Roy


To enhance the safety and comfort of a driver, the wireless technology is used for inter-vehicular communication (IVC). During the lane change in highways, the driver of a high speed vehicle can exploit the antenna technology using a microcontroller. Here, a 4-element Tchebyscheff phased array of microstrip antennas for IVC application is designed at millimeter wave frequency band of 60GHz. The details of this array design with feed network, its design layout and fabricated prototype are presented.  Another 4-element microstrip Tchebyscheff phased array for 6GHz IVC application is designed and the measured result is compared with the simulated result.


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Roy, J. S. (2022). Design of Microstrip Tchebyscheff Phased Array Antennas for Inter-Vehicular Communication . Advanced Electromagnetics, 11(1), 66–70.
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