Design of a Compact Dual-Band Microstrip Antenna Enabled by Complementary Split Ring Resonators for X-Band Applications

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E. K. I. Hamad
M. Z. M. Hamdalla


In this paper, a design of highly effective dual-band microstrip antenna for X-band applications is developed. Dual-band response is obtained by etching four rectangular split ring resonator (RSRR) unit cells within the radiating element of a conventional patch initially designed to operate at 10 GHz. The proposed antenna is constructed on low lossy RT/duroid 5880 (ϵr = 2.2, tan δ = 0.0009) substrate of 20x20x1.575 mm3 total area. The antenna is tuned to operate at two resonant frequencies within 8 to 12 GHz depending on the geometric specifications of the RSRR's. A parametric study of different numbers of unit cells etched on the radiating element is investigated and discussed comprehensively through this study. Realized gain of about 6.2 and 6.8 dB at 8.8 and 10 GHz are attained. Consistent results are obtained between the measurements and simulation results using 3D full-wave FEM-base simulator.


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Hamad, E. K. I., & Hamdalla, M. Z. M. (2018). Design of a Compact Dual-Band Microstrip Antenna Enabled by Complementary Split Ring Resonators for X-Band Applications. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(3), 82–86.
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