Size Miniaturized Coaxial Probe Fed Antenna for Multiband Applications

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B. Heydarpanah
C. Ghobadi
J. Nourinia
P. Beigi
M. Majidzadeh


A novel coaxial cable-fed antenna with a combination of L-shaped elements is proposed for multiband applications. The obtained resonances at different frequency bands are realized by adding L-shaped strips with different lengths to the antenna geometry. The antenna is printed on a low-priced FR-4 substrate with overall size of 14×14×1.6 mm3. Experimental results indicate the coverage of 1.32, 1.80, 2.34, 3.30, 3.66, 4.26, 5.28, 7.68, 8.1, 9.72 and 10.38 GHz, compatible with L-band, WLAN, WiMAX, C-band, ITU 8 GHz, and X-band. Suitable radiation properties, multiband functionality, desirable gain values and agreement of simulated and measured results confirm the suitability of the proposed structure for multiband communication applications.


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Heydarpanah, B., Ghobadi, C., Nourinia, J., Beigi, P., & Majidzadeh, M. (2020). Size Miniaturized Coaxial Probe Fed Antenna for Multiband Applications. Advanced Electromagnetics, 9(1), 100-104.
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