Design of dual and Wideband Rectangular Patch Antenna for C and X Band Applications

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S. Lakrit


In this paper, we resolve two issues of microstrip antennas, which are miniaturization and efficiency behavior. For  that, a rectangular patch antenna with 16×18×1.6 mm3 dimensions with dual-band characteristics, was designed, fabricated and characterized.  In order to improve the problem of narrow bandwidth in  microstrip antennas, we implement in this study the slot  technique, allowing us to achieve our purpose. This technique,  lead to a good reflection coefficient and VSWR. The  characteristics of the fabricated antenna were measured and  analyzed by Vector Network Analyzer. The results show two  resonance frequencies that define two bandwidths defined by a  return loss less than -10 dB and are respectively; 7.47 GHz at a  frequency of 400 MHz, and 11.01 GHz at a frequency of 790  MHz. Also, the obtained gain has a good value and it’s very  remarkable according to the small size of the structure, with  a peak value of 6.1 dB at 12.5 GHz.  The small size and good characteristics enlarged the applications  domains of our structure, from telecommunications and  especially Radar, satellite communications to medical and  wireless applications.


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Lakrit, S. (2018). Design of dual and Wideband Rectangular Patch Antenna for C and X Band Applications. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(5), 145–150.
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