Multi-port Pattern diversity antenna for K and Ka-band application

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S. Chilukuri
K. Dahal
A. Lokam


A compact coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed reconfigurable antenna with pattern diversity using multi-port excitation is designed. The basic antenna consists of a circular patch of radius 2.5mm which is fed by four ports independently. By exciting the patch with each individual port, the direction of the radiation pattern changes by 900. With the use of CPW feed technique, a very wide impedance bandwidth of around 12GHz (21.65 – 33.87 GHz) covering the K-band and Ka-band is achieved. The proposed antenna can be used for different satellite communication applications like earth exploration, radio navigation and location, mobile satellite communications which comes under K-band and Ka-band. The measured return loss and pattern characteristic results are in good agreement with simulated ones.


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Chilukuri, S., Dahal, K., & Lokam, A. (2018). Multi-port Pattern diversity antenna for K and Ka-band application. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(2), 5-9.
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