SAR Evaluation of Metallic Loop-like Accessory Effect of Broadband Wearable Planar Monopole Textile Antenna

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H. H. Zainal
H. A. Rahim
P. J. Soh
H. Lago
K. N. A. Rani
M. S. Zulkefli
Y. S. Lee
N. F. N. Yah


This paper presents the investigation influence of the common metallic loop like accessory on Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) averaged over 10g and 1 g tissue.The simulations were made by means CST Microwave Studio software at frequencies 2.45GHz and 2.6GHz. Numerical analysis conducted using broadband textile monopole antenna (TM) with variations of orientation and distance showed that the SAR value increased when the antenna horizontally polarized.This is up to 80% more than vertically polarized TM placed closest item to 2mm.


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Zainal, H. H., Rahim, H. A., Soh, P. J., Lago, H., Rani, K. N. A., Zulkefli, M. S., Lee, Y. S., & Yah, N. F. N. (2018). SAR Evaluation of Metallic Loop-like Accessory Effect of Broadband Wearable Planar Monopole Textile Antenna. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(3), 17–22.
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