On the reduction of the third-order harmonic losses in low–voltage power cables used for feeding large LED and CFL lighting loads

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N. J. Milardovich
L. Prevosto
M. Á. Lara
D. Milardovich


An experimental investigation of diversity factors of CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) in combination with LED (light emitting diode) lamps is presented in this paper. Attention was paid to the reduction of low–order harmonic currents, especially the third one; which is mainly responsible for the strong increase in power losses in the neutral conductor of low–voltage installations. The harmonic currents drawn by several LED and CFL lamps with nominal powers < 25 W were first measured to investigate the electrical characteristics of individual lamps. In addition, a series of experiments was conducted in which LED lamps were powered between lines through small autotransformers thus avoiding the use of the neutral conductor. The results showed in both cases a sensible reduction of the harmonic current of third order and therefore a marked reduction of the power losses associated with them.


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Milardovich, N. J., Prevosto, L., Lara, M. Á., & Milardovich, D. (2017). On the reduction of the third-order harmonic losses in low–voltage power cables used for feeding large LED and CFL lighting loads. Advanced Electromagnetics, 6(3), 46–52. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v6i3.542
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