Polarizability Matrix Extraction of a Bianisotropic Metamaterial from the Scattering Parameters of Normally Incident Plane Waves

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T. D. Karamanos
A. I. Dimitriadis
K. Nikolaos V.


In this paper, a polarizability matrix retrieval method for bianisotropic metamaterials is presented. Assuming that scatterers can be modeled by electric and magnetic pointdipoles located at their centers, the induced dipole moments are analytically related to the normally incident fields, while the scattered fields are also analytically obtained for two individual cases of normal wave incidence. The latter can be combined with the incident fields, to express the desired polarizabilities, with regard to the measured or simulated scattering parameters. In this way, the polarizability matrix can be extracted by solving the resulting non-linear system of equations. The proposed technique is applied to two different split-ring resonator structures and reveals very good agreement with previously reported techniques.


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Karamanos, T. D., Dimitriadis, A. I., & Nikolaos V., K. (2012). Polarizability Matrix Extraction of a Bianisotropic Metamaterial from the Scattering Parameters of Normally Incident Plane Waves. Advanced Electromagnetics, 1(3), 64–70. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v1i3.73
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