Analytical Approximation for the Inductance of Circularly Cylindrical Two-Wire Transmission Lines with Proximity Effect

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H. A. Aebischer
H. Friedli


The paper describes a simple analytical approximation for the inductance of two-wire transmission lines of circularly cylindrical wires with proximity effect. It yields precise results up to very high frequencies, and also at all interaxial distances between the wires above some limit. Its accuracy is established by comparison to numerical computations and to measurements. It is shown that the proximity effect cannot be neglected unless the interaxial distance between the wires amounts to at least four wire diameters. Further, images of the current distribution in various situations are discussed.


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Aebischer, H. A., & Friedli, H. (2018). Analytical Approximation for the Inductance of Circularly Cylindrical Two-Wire Transmission Lines with Proximity Effect. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(1), 25–34.
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