Analysis of Reflector Antennas in Radio Telescopes

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K. H. Yeap
M. C. Loh
C. Y. Tham
C. Y. Yiam
K. C. Yeong
K. C. Lai


We present an analysis on the performance of the Cassegrain and Gregorian on-axis, off-axis and offset antennas. In our study, we have adopted the design parameters for the Cassegrain configuration used in the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) project. Modifications on the original parameters are made so as to meet the design requirement for the off-axis and offset configurations. To reduce spillover loss in the offset antennas, we have adjusted the angle between the axis of the primary reflector and that of the sub-reflector, so that the feed horn is placed right next to the edge of the primary reflector. This is to allow the offset antennas to receive the highest power at the feed horn. The results obtained from the physical optics simulation show that the radiation characteristics of both Cassegrain and Gregorian antennas are similar. The offset designs exhibit the best performance, followed by the on-axis, and, finally, the off-axis designs. Our analysis also shows that the performance of both offset Cassegrain and Gregorian antennas are comparable to each other.


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Yeap, K. H., Loh, M. C., Tham, C. Y., Yiam, C. Y., Yeong, K. C., & Lai, K. C. (2016). Analysis of Reflector Antennas in Radio Telescopes. Advanced Electromagnetics, 5(3), 32–38.
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