Reliability Study of Mechatronic Power Components Using Spectral Photon Emission Microscopy

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N. Moultif
E. Joubert
O. Latry


In this paper, we present one of the most important failure analysis tools that permits the localizing and the identification of the failure mechanisms. It is a new spectral photon emission system, enabling to localize the failure, and quickly get the photon emission spectra that characterize the failure with high resolution. A diffraction grating is used as a spectrometer in the system. Application results on mechatronic power devices such as HEMT AlGaN/GAN and SiC MOSFETs are reported.


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Moultif, N., Joubert, E., & Latry, O. (2016). Reliability Study of Mechatronic Power Components Using Spectral Photon Emission Microscopy. Advanced Electromagnetics, 5(3), 20–24.
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