Polygon Shaped 3G Mobile Band Antennas for High Tech Military Uniforms

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M. Krishnan
G. Kannan


Smart Textiles integrated with communicating components have been used in military for many applications. Wearable antenna can be attached or embedded into smart textiles which could be used for communication between combat soldiers in the battlefield. This paper presents the design of three different polygon shaped patch antenna operating on 3G Mobile Band frequency 2100 MHz embedded on three different dielectric constant materials for Military applications. The proposed polygon shaped patch antenna introduces horizontal slit in its patch to improve the antenna performance. The effect of slit length and slit width on the antenna performance is analyzed.  


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Krishnan, M., & Kannan, G. (2016). Polygon Shaped 3G Mobile Band Antennas for High Tech Military Uniforms. Advanced Electromagnetics, 5(3), 7–13. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v5i3.365
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Research Scholar,

Department of ECE,

B.S.Abdur Rahman University.


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