Multiband Slot-Based Dual Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line

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E. Abdo-Sanchez
T. M. Martin-Guerrero
C. Camacho-Penalosa


A dual Composite Right-/Left-Handed Transmission Line (CRLH TL) implementation that presents multiband behaviour is proposed in this contribution. The artificial TL is realized by loading a host microstrip line with alternate rectangular stubs and slots. The required series and shunt immittances are respectively provided by the slot and the stub. Due to the distributed nature of these immittances, the resultant phase response presents theoretically infinite RH and LH alternate bands, thus being appropriate for multiband applications. The design methodology is described with the help of a proposed TLs-based equivalent circuit and highlights the simplicity for balance condition. Full wave simulated results of the dispersion characteristics and frequency response of a unit-cell and a three-cells structure are presented.


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Abdo-Sanchez, E., Martin-Guerrero, T. M., & Camacho-Penalosa, C. (2012). Multiband Slot-Based Dual Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line. Advanced Electromagnetics, 1(3), 56-60.
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