Design of Compact Broadband Omni directional Canonical Sleeve Antenna covering 500-3600 MHz

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C. S. Ram
D. Vakula
M. Chakravarthy


A novel compact broadband Canonical Sleeve Antenna (CSA) covering 500-3600 MHz with omni directional characteristics is presented in this paper. A new method is employed in which the radiating antenna structure is designed as combination of three different canonical structures: hemispherical, conical and cylindrical elements. To accomplish the broad bandwidth with compact size, dipole antenna is designed by using cylindrical sleeve over the hemispherical dipole with conical extensions and cylindrical attachments. Performance characteristics of CSA is simulated and compared with BiConical Antenna (BCA) and other antenna configurations and found to be best antenna configuration with compact form factor. The antenna has height of 111.43 mm and diameter of 116.66 mm. Simulation studies are carried out using CST Microwave Studio. The simulated results are validated by fabricating CSA and evaluating its performance metrics. CSA has 7.2:1 bandwidth with measured VSWR <2.7:1 and Gain varies from 0 to 3.6 dBi. The antenna finds use in wireless communication industry, spectrum monitoring and defence applications.


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Ram, C. S., Vakula, D., & Chakravarthy, M. (2018). Design of Compact Broadband Omni directional Canonical Sleeve Antenna covering 500-3600 MHz. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(2), 53–59.
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D. Vakula, National Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor, NIT, Warangal, Pin Code: 506004, Telangana, India

M. Chakravarthy, DLRL

Scientist, DLRL, Hyderabad, Pin Code: 5000 05, Telangana, India.


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