Multiparameter Optimization for Electromagnetic Inversion Problem

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M. Elkattan
A. Kamel


Electromagnetic (EM) methods have been extensively used in geophysical investigations such as mineral and hydrocarbon exploration as well as in geological mapping and structural studies. In this paper, we developed an inversion methodology for Electromagnetic data to determine physical parameters of a set of horizontal layers. We conducted Forward model using transmission line method. In the inversion part, we solved multi parameter optimization problem where, the parameters are conductivity, dielectric constant, and permeability of each layer. The optimization problem was solved by simulated annealing approach. The inversion methodology was tested using a set of models representing common geological formations.


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Elkattan, M., & Kamel, A. (2017). Multiparameter Optimization for Electromagnetic Inversion Problem. Advanced Electromagnetics, 6(3), 94–97.
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