Investigation of surface roughness influence on hyperbolic metamaterial performance

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S. Kozik
M. A. Binhussain
A. Smirnov
N. Khilo
V. Agabekov


The main goal of this work was to introduce simple model of surface roughness which does not involve objects with complicated shapes and could help to reduce computational costs. We described and proved numerically that the influence of surface roughness at the interfaces in metal-dielectric composite materials could be described by proper selection of refractive index of dielectric layers. Our calculations show that this model works for roughness with RMS value about 1 nm and below.


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Kozik, S., Binhussain, M., Smirnov, A., Khilo, N., & Agabekov, V. (2014). Investigation of surface roughness influence on hyperbolic metamaterial performance. Advanced Electromagnetics, 3(2), 6-9.
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