Resonance of Superconducting Microstrip Antenna with Aperture in the Ground Plane

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S. Benkouda
T. Fortaki
M. Amir
A. Benghalia


This paper presents a rigorous full-wave analysis of a high Tc superconducting rectangular microstrip antenna with a rectangular aperture in the ground plane. To include the effect of the superconductivity of the microstrip patch in the full-wave analysis, a complex surface impedance is considered. The proposed approach is validated by comparing the computed results with previously published data. Results showing the effect of the aperture on the resonance of the superconducting microstrip antenna are given.


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Benkouda, S., Fortaki, T., Amir, M., & Benghalia, A. (2013). Resonance of Superconducting Microstrip Antenna with Aperture in the Ground Plane. Advanced Electromagnetics, 2(2), 22–25.
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