Application of Near-Field Emission Processing for Microwave Circuits under Ultra-Short Duration Perturbations

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Y. Liu
B. Ravelo


This paper is dealing with a time-frequency modeling method of electromagnetic (EM) near-field (NF) radiated by electronic devices excited by transient pulse signals. The model developed enables to calculate the EM NF maps at different distances from the given device and also the synthesis of radiation sources enabling to reproduce the field maps. The method proposed is based on the ultra wide band (UWB) frequency model of EM NF maps. The number of EM NF maps can be reduced by considering an innovative algorithm in order to establish simply the dipole model. Then, the transient model can be realized by considering the convolution between the transient excitation signals and the dipole-array model. The method proposed was validated by a standard 3D EM tool with a planar microstrip device excited by microwave signal modulating 1.25-GHz-carrier with 0.5-GHz-bandwidth. As expected, good correlation is found between results from simulation and the investigated modelling method.  The method introduced in this paper is particularly useful for the investigation of time-domain emissions for EMC applications by considering transient EM interferences (EMIs).


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Liu, Y., & Ravelo, B. (2012). Application of Near-Field Emission Processing for Microwave Circuits under Ultra-Short Duration Perturbations. Advanced Electromagnetics, 1(3), 24–40.
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